Featured image of article: Unified Soccer Team Plays Scrimmage Against JV Girls

Unified Soccer Team Plays Scrimmage Against JV Girls

On Thursday afternoon, the ConVal Unified Soccer Team (in the white uniforms) played a friendly scrimmage against the Junior Varsity ConVal Cougars Soccer Team.

The Unified Team was well-coached from the sidelines by co-coaches Emeric Szep and Zak Shapiro. Great defensive plays on both sides led to intensely fought midfield duels that turned into solid chances on the far ends of the field to score goals.

A special guest at the scrimmage was ConVal Principal Heather McKillop. “I was so honored to be invited to be a partner for the Unified scrimmage,” McKillop said after the game. “Every time I looked up, I saw teammates smiling and cheering each other on.”

“Both teams played hard and the crowd was constantly cheering loudly. I am so proud of both teams and ecstatic that our Unified team captured the victory with a score of 12-7. Go ConVal!”