Featured image of article: “Vaping Unveiled” Presentation At ConVal High School

“Vaping Unveiled” Presentation At ConVal High School

Breathe New Hampshire, in collaboration with Monadnock Community Hospital, presented “Vaping Unveiled: What Everyone Needs To Know” in the Lucy Hurlin Theatre on Thursday, June 14.

Kim Coronis, Policy and Program Manager, and Allyssa Thompson, Director of Programs at Breathe New Hampshire, jointly addressed vaping as an issue that impacts students in their vital years of development but all too frequently remains hidden from parents.

The program provided parents, students, educators, and community members the opportunity to learn more about the impact of vaping, JUULing and nicotine addiction, including the latest trends in New Hampshire. The presentation pointed out that vaping as one of the largest unregulated industries in the United States and discussed the health effects of vaping, including debilitating diseases such as popcorn lung.

The 45-minute presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session with the audience who had an opportunity to handle actually vaping devices to see how easily they can be disguised as flash drives, phone look-alikes, and even hoodie drawstrings.