Featured image of article: Wickham and Morin Win Chairman’s Award

Wickham and Morin Win Chairman’s Award

At the first School Board meeting of the new year, Band Director Jim Wickham and Chorus Director Krystal Morin were honored by School Board Chairman Butch Estey with the Chairman’s Award.
“Both James and Krystal have provided outstanding instruction in the classroom as well countless learning opportunities outside of our school day. They provide opportunities which go well beyond the normal expectations of their jobs,” Estey said.
“Krystal and Jim have also gone above and beyond to provide entertainment to our local community by participating in local parades, performing at RiverMead and at the annual Rotary Christmas Luncheon as well as providing opportunities for the community to hear our talented students at annual concerts,” Estey continued.
“We are very fortunate to have James and Krystal in our school and we look forward to supporting them further as they continue to build one of the elite music programs in New Hampshire.”
The announcement of the Chairman’s Award was followed by a standing ovation by the entire School Board and by the members in the audience. Congratulations, Ms. Morin and Mr. Wickham!