Featured image of article: Winners of the School Board Chairman’s Award

Winners of the School Board Chairman’s Award

ConVal staff members Emily Daniels and Paul Barnes were awarded the Chairman’s Award by School Board Chairman Butch Estey at a ConVal School Board Meeting recently.

Emily Daniels is a student assistance counselor at ConVal and was recognized for her work with the ConVal Substance Abuse Task Force. She developed a diverse group of members representing stakeholders from the high school, middle school, elementary school, physicians, parents, students, police officers, administrators, and MCH. Under Emily’s leadership, the Task Force went through a comprehensive and structured strategic planning process. Emily spent a great deal of time building trust and a common language within the group, which allowed the team to have candid conversations about a difficult issue.  By the end of the school year, the Task Force completed a complete analysis of our current practices, policies, and procedures. After a two day retreat in the summer, the Task Force committed to a strategic plan that focuses on three important issues; Public Perception, Education, and Policy.

Paul Barnes is a custodian at the high school. He is awesome at his job! Anytime you ask him for help he is right there and never complains. He is helpful and considerate and goes out of his way to help students and staff. Paul is an active member of our ConVal community and is present at sporting events, faculty events, and funness outings. He is positive and friendly and has a great sense of humor. Paul takes pride in his work at ConVal and works with everyone to keep our building clean and safe.