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World Language Honor Societies Induct New Students

German and Spanish students were recognized on Thursday, May 27, for their achievements in their classes and their participation and interest in the culture of the different countries of the world, with the honor of becoming members of the National Honor Societies.

As members of the Societies, they committed themselves to continue learning, to look for opportunities to use the language learned, and to promote the friendship and cultural exchange between the United States and other countries.

The new inductees into the German Honor Society were: Caitlin Beal, Mairin Burgess, Natalie Claflin, Jack Craig, Anthea Curtis, Sarah Holdredge, Kendal Larson, Samuel Rousseau, and Elli Ward.

The new inductees into the Spanish Honor Society were: Maeghan Baribault, Willow Baribault, Zach Burgess, Madilyn Cilley, Meara McClusky, Ayla Laro, Evan Laurent, Sydney Rousseau, Thalia Stafford, Anna Taylor, Jaimini Viles, and Reid Wilson.

Congratulations, all!