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ConVal World Language Students Excel At Competition

On December 13, 290 students from high schools across the state competed in the annual World Language Poetry Recitation Contest. The competition brought together language students in French, German, Latin, and Spanish to recite poems in their target language before a panel of judges.

To compete in the contest, schools may enter up to three students in each language and in each of four levels which range from first-year students (Level 1) to fourth-year students and students taking AP-level courses (Level 4). Students recite memorized pieces in front of a panel of volunteer judges who base their scoring on three criteria: pronunciation (50%), stage presence and delivery (30%), and memorization (20%).

Four ConVal students earned prizes for their recitations of German poetry:

  • Level 1 German: 3rd place — Grace Christensen
  • Level 3 German: 2nd place — Kelley Akerley
  • Level 4 German: 1st place — Michael Zrzavy; 3rd place — Maxwell Kerwin

Congratulations to all the student participants and to the teachers who prepared them for the contest!