Featured image of article: Despite COVID, Drama Department Stages Musical “Bright Star”

Despite COVID, Drama Department Stages Musical “Bright Star”

While COVID-19 pandemic provided a serious obstacle to rehearsals and the staging of the musical “Bright Star,” the ConVal drama department persevered and found an innovative solution that allowed for the live-streaming of the musical’s concert version in the Lucy Hurlin Theatre.

Inspired by a true story and featuring the Tony®-nominated score by comedian and virtuoso banjo-player Steve Martin in cooperation with singer-songwriter Edie Brickell, “Bright Star” tells a sweeping tale of love and redemption set against the rich backdrop of the American South in the 1920s and 1940s.

When literary editor Alice Murphy meets a young soldier just home from the war, he awakens her longing for the child she once lost. Haunted by their unique connection, Alice sets out on a journey to understand her past — and what she finds has the power to transform both of their lives. With beautiful melodies and powerfully moving characters, the story unfolds as a rich tapestry of deep emotion.

The cast or characters (in order of appearance) were:

  • Older Alice (Abby Theberge)
  • Middle Alice (Hadi Lancaric)
  • Younger Alice (Alissa Cutting)
  • Billy Cane (Owen Hannah)
  • Daddy Cane (Amy Braby
  • Daryl (Gabe Young)
  • Lucy (Liasiah Torres)
  • Younger Jimmy Ray (Rowan Davidson)
  • Daddy Murphy (Beau Olesky)
  • Mama Murphy (Grace Phillips)
  • Mayor Dobbs (Caroline Stultz)
  • Stanford (Haley Serafine)
  • Margo (Abbey Shumway)
  • Middle Jimmy Ray (Zach Cassidy)
  • Older Jimmy Ray (Dan Sleeper)
  • Townsfolk (Esther Janis, Adeline Mackensen, and Kaitlyn Stone)

For the complete program, please click here. The performance stream went live on Sunday at 7:00 pm and was very well received by the audience.