Naviance – Career and College Planning

Naviance-LogoNaviance is a web-based resource for students and parents, that encourages and supports post-high school career and college planning. The features in Naviance provide students an efficient method to communicate with their counselors and teachers about their college application process.

Many of you will be researching and applying to colleges.  Naviance will communicate with Common App and will be the conduit for tracking all college application documents, including soliciting teacher and counselor recommendations and sending transcripts.

Naviance will also be the platform for all scholarship applications.


Student Accounts

Students are initially introduced to Naviance in small groups with their school counselor. Each student has a unique login and password (forgot yours? email your counselor).

While the school counselors will work with students on these assessments, all students are welcome to log in to Naviance anytime and explore on their own! In fact, it is encouraged!

Click here for the student login page. (We recommend you bookmark this!)

Please note… it’ll ask for your email as your log in but it is the beginning of your email account!

Parent Accounts

Through Naviance, parents can monitor the college application process, including deadlines, documents, teacher recommendations, and scholarships. To obtain your parent account, please email Kate Wasserloos at and one will be generated for you.

Click here for the parent login page. (We recommend you bookmark this!)


Training will be offered on how to use Naviance for the college application process. It is very important that those students who are planning to apply to colleges using Common App attend one of these sessions, as you must use Naviance for this process.

Click on the links to pdf files of tutorials:

College Application Process – Students

Career Exploration Process – Students

Naviance Parent Portal

Career Exploration

Naviance offers the following assessments to all students. (All information is pulled directly from the Naviance website.)

Do What You Are

This assessment uses personality types to suggest careers and clusters that might be a good match for students. The results of the assessment provide students with a four-part personality type. Each of the four parts represents a personality trait that contributes to the student’s overall personality type.

Strengths Explorer

StrenghtThis assesses ten talent themes for individuals and identifies each student’s three strongest emerging talents. Upon completion of the Strengths Explorer, students are provided with explanations of their top three themes and will learn to capitalize their success and discover what they need to do next to continue building on their strengths.

Learning Styles Inventory

The Learning Style Inventory assessment allows students to boost academic potential by recognizing their natural learning style, discover better learning strategies, and gain career development skills. The assessment provides students with a report that can be used to increase understanding of the student’s needs at school.

Career Interest Profiler

The Career Interest Profiler is an online career interest assessment for students based on Holland’s interest codes. When students complete the Career Interest Profiler, their results will display their top Holland Code matches.

Facts about the Career Interest Profiler:

    • There are 30 questions for each Holland code (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional) for a total of 180 questions.
    • The highest score possible in each area that you can receive is 30.
    • The score received is based on the number of activities in each specific area that the student selected as an interest.

Career Clusters and Pathways

The Career Cluster Finder is an online questionnaire that helps students discover career clusters that are most interesting to them. Once a student completes the Career Cluster Finder, top matching career clusters are made available for review. Students can re-take the cluster finder at any time.

Roadtrip Nation

roadtripRoadtrip Nation started in 2001, when a group of friends took a road trip to figure out what to do with their lives. Since then, it has evolved into an educational organization, an annual documentary series on public television, and a movement to help individuals define their own roads in life.

Hobsons has partnered with Roadtrip Nation to bring authentic and inspiring career exploration content to all Family Connection users.

College Application Process

Seniors will communicate with their school counselor on their college application process through Naviance.  Common Application accounts link with Naviance accounts, and school counselors and teachers upload all supporting documentation such as letters of recommendation and transcripts in one place. Parents can view the progress of the college application process and keep track of all pieces in one place!

Naviance Student Mobile App

Naviance Studecalmnt is a college and success planning tool designed to help high school students plan their college search, communicate with their guidance counselors, and stay on top of tasks and assignments related to their learning plan and the college application process. With the Naviance Student mobile app, students can access Success Planning and College Planning on the go!

Once installed, the mobile app will periodically sync with the student’s Family Connection account, making tasks, to-dos, prospective colleges, and applications more accessible to the student. The mobile app can be used online and offline.